What Are They REALLY Saying?

There is an article of the same title on the web at independentchildbirth.com.  It is about identifying practitioners who are listening to you versus those who have their own agenda.  I read this post from a mom and dad who experienced the worst of the worst of practitioners who care less than nothing about birth.

On the second visit, we had the same doctor I had in my first appointment. She must have thought that a natural birth was Ash’s idea because when he mentioned it, she told him that they could do it, but they would tie a string to his balls and pull every time I had a contraction. Now, some cultures do that, but we were shocked that Ash’s balls came up at an OB visit.

Hopefully, you haven’t run into a practice THIS cruel, but there are all levels of ‘manner’ out there.  Choose your practitioner wisely.  They are out there and the most professional of practitioners are beginning to speak up and let it be known that there are wise practitioners.

Let Independent Childbirth help you find one!


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